Why You Should Install CCTV at Home

Why You Should Install CCTV at Home
Installing CCTV cameras in your home can give you peace of mind. If burglars see that there are
cameras installed, they will not attempt to break in cctv singapore. By installing CCTV at home, you can keep
your family safe and ensure that your home is protected from intruders. You also won’t have to
worry about getting mugged by someone who may have a secret. CCTV cameras also provide
infra-red night vision, which helps deter burglars.

How To Install CCTV Cameras ? [ Easy With 7 Simple Steps]
In recent years, CCTV installation has become increasingly common in offices, shops, and
homes. However, many people seek help installing these systems themselves. Installing these
cameras yourself is not as simple as it may appear. Not only will the process be time-consuming,
but you may also find that the Security System is not correctly configured or has insufficient storage

space. Generally, it is best to consult a professional to install your CCTV system for you.
In addition to providing added security to the home, a CCTV system will also allow you to
monitor your property and people around you at any time. It can be set up around the perimeter
of your home to provide visual access to blind spots you may not otherwise be able to see. You
can also use it to see visitors to your home even if you’re not at home to answer the door. These
cameras are a cost-effective solution that can help protect your property and your loved ones.
The cost of a CCTV at home is largely determined by the amount of surveillance you want.
While some homeowners may only need a few outdoor cameras to keep an eye on their
property, others may opt to install several indoor cameras as well. Installing a few cameras in
the house can reduce the overall cost by more than half or by several hundred dollars. You
should also consider how many cameras you need, as an eight-camera system may not be
necessary for a small property. Instead, a four-camera wireless CCTV system may be more

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Infra-red night vision
Infrared night vision on CCTV at home is a great way to ensure your home is protected. These
cameras don’t use a flash and instead use a series of small red LEDs around the camera lens to
emit infrared light across the field of view and record the bounced light. Since human eyes can’t

see infrared light, they record images in black and white. Despite this, you can’t expect true-
colour images, as colour depends on the wavelength of light that is reflected by an object.

Hardwired cameras
While you can install hardwired cameras for CCTV at home yourself, there are some advantages
to wireless systems. Wireless security systems typically only require one Ethernet cable, while

hardwired systems require a separate power cord. Additionally, wireless security systems can be
much more flexible, and are much easier to set up than hardwired systems. For more
information on wireless home security systems, visit Brinks Home.
Having CCTV at home provides peace of mind. With ultra-clear footage, you can identify
miscreants and report crimes to authorities. With a little care and maintenance, these cameras
can last for years. In addition, they can be used to monitor workplace activities and draft
employment policies. This technology also comes with a few drawbacks. Read on to learn about
the advantages and disadvantages of putting one in your home.